a bit naughty letter reads:
dear santa,
i am sure your elves have done their research and reported back but i wanted to make sure you heard my side of the story.
i will admit it wasn’t my best year. i am sure you heard about the time that i ______________________________________________________.
but i have tried really hard to
__ get good grades __ share my toys
__ be nice to my brother/sister __ clean my room
__ eat my veggies __ listen to mom &dad
i will try to be better and i really hope you would consider bringing ___________________________________________rather than coal.
your friend,

nice letter reads:
dear santa,
i know that you are very busy and may not have time to watch everyone all the time, so i wanted to be sure these things didn’t get overlooked when adding me to your nice list.
i wanted to point out the time that i ________________.
this of course is in addition to:
__ getting excellent grades __ sharing my toys
__ being nice to my brother/sister __ cleaning my room
__ eating my veggies __ listening to mom &dad
as you can see i was extra good this year so please consider bringing ____________________________________.
your friend,